We Build Value.

By integrating the strengths of capital markets with innovative business capabilities, Union Partners provides speed and delivery for transforming today’s under-performing companies into value growth leaders.
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Collaborative Approach

We look to partner with management teams to improve their competitiveness, and make a difference. Our focus is on the long term to ensure sustainability of superior performance.
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Award Winning

Whether utilizing our award winning portfolio companies, seeking management transformations or collaborating with our experienced leadership team, you’re in good hands with Union Partners.

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Performance Acceleration


General and Administrative Cost Alignment

As a private equity firm,   re-aligning the overhead of a company to best serve the entire organization is a task that we frequently face.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Today’s environment necessitates frequent and expert evaluation of your company’s supply chain.

Sales Acceleration

Our approach to sales enhancements drives for rapid changes that are sustainable for the organization.

Procurement Services

Our sourcing engagements focus not only on optimizing the supply, but also in mitigating the risks associated with the supply base, including agreement development, hedging in raw materials and currencies, etc.

Forecasting and Merchandise Planning

Our professionals have significant expertise in assisting organizations in revamping their forecasting processes and in creating effective merchandise planning/logistics partnerships.

Operational Excellence

Union Partners and its consultants have deep proficiency in operational excellence programs, including relationships with some of the foremost experts in implementation and evaluation of Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma programs.

Capital alone does not ensure a successful investment outcome

Success in corporate transformation requires vision and discipline. Union Partners works side-by-side with management to identify high potential improvement opportunities and to execute improvement efforts on an accelerated basis.

Results that ensure transformation 

We understand the challenges associated with achieving true, world-class performance. The members of Union Partners bring critical competencies in revenue enhancement, operating cost reduction and asset and portfolio optimization

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Union Partners is an exceptional team — they deliver real results.

Union Partners brings more than just money to the table, they roll up their sleeves and pitch in to make a difference.

Union Partners’ operational heritage sets them apart — they can rapidly assess transformation opportunities and, in partnership with mangement, help create superior returns for all shareholders involved.

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